Tuesday, February 12, 2013


. . . is in the air, as far as this blog is concerned, I'm afraid. Except that I'm not. It won't go away, I don't think, but it will certainly become something different.  Which is to say that we'll hang out in a different way, assuming you still want to hang out. Hope you do. Because I think it will be good. The change, that is.

In brief way of explanation, my work life has taken a turn, that being a tremendous opportunity of which I want to take full advantage, and which consumes humongous amounts of energy and time, and which therefore leaves scant time for blogging.

Scant is little, but it is not nothing, though.


Anonymous said...

I see. You get change. The blog gets spare change.

Maybe you could hire a publicist?

Anonymous said...

What is your profession? Just curious about your jobs change and what bikey people do around here.

Mr. S's Publicist said...

Mr. S is an award-winning hypnotist specializing in small mammal mesmerization.