Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upon The Closing Of The Window

Some awesome beer fell into my hands, via John, via Gage.

And Brandy and I got out.

Feel free to tell me that the mid-air position of the ball in this photo is not supremely cool.
At which point I will tell you that you don't know your butt from up.
Which is a fancy way of sayin' that I couldn't take this pic again if I tried.  Just sayin'.

I had so much more that I wanted to pack into the window, so I suppose I could be disappointed, but honestly, I am so, so, grateful for the window and at this five minutes, I feel like I used it pretty well, and am therefore pretty damned bike-satisfied.

Life is harsh for sure.  But life is good.  Also for sure.

1 comment:

Andy D. said...

Hey, you fit in the important stuff: biking, beer and canine-human interaction. Hope you're good to go until the next window opens.