Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I was playing around with some new photo software tonight and accidentally came across some pics from a recent winter not too far past.

'Twas about this same time-a-year, 'cept four ago:

Yes, this was pre-snowblower (best money I ever spent btw, after last winter),
and  so yes, those berms were all hand-built.  I was a badass machine, obviously.

This is what we were riding on:

When that didn't work out, this was a pretty good alternative:

Snowbike aside, I'm not complaining. Just happened to notice.


Andy D. said...

Not entirely related, but speaking of cold places, as a pump track owner you might be interested in checking out how the National Park Service built a pump track in Fairbanks, AK:


Maybe you can turn your not-snowy-this-year yard into Pat's Pump Track National Park.

Pat S said...

BDD, thanks for the link. That vid totally captures the flavor of how I think a community pump track could and should work in a public space.

And I can taste just about every operation and experience in that video - it's just a scaled community-sized version of my little micro experiment. Which is so much more appropriate and useful than my unsustainable backyard model.

John and I have had the discussion over a couple of head-slappingly, no-brainer public spaces that just cry out to become pump tracks, and how to even begin to approach the powers that be with the idea in a manner that would even give us half a chance. John's actually done a little work on it.

If they could ever envision one of their grandkids taking that first, slow, herky-jerky, "it works!" lap on a track they had just spent all day sweating over and sculpting out of nothing with a bunch of people of all ages from their neighborhood, well . . . just maybe.

Painting the picture is easier said than done, though. Maybe if we could get them over here with their kids and grandkids on the pretense of a back yard tea party and just happen to have some bikes laying around . . .

Anonymous said...

Booty call! How's the tail bone? Any good drug experiences to report?

You're sitting on an ice doughnut dreaming of snowfalls and pumptracks past....hmmmm.

Andy D. said...


Building a community pump track may actually be a real possibility. In my day job I'm a bike-focused researcher. Community based projects to promote preventive health behaviors are hot right now for a variety of reasons. A pump track is a project that would work toward increasing physical activity of a range of people, young to not-so-young, and may be eligible for parks space and grant funding.

If this sounds of interest to you, contact me through my Blogger profile and I can give you some details and contacts.

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