Friday, February 17, 2012

Sure Beats Blowing

I've been thinking about packrafts quite a bit this winter.  In case me and my bike ever wanna cross a body of water, like say . . ummm . . the Columbia, in this fashion.

Not that it probably ever would be, but on the off chance that this were ever the case, I'd wanna know how to inflate it and now I kinda do.


Anonymous said...

I would think you could just use your air compressor. Don't you have a power attachment for your air compressor that you can plug into your wheel power generator? Geez Pat. Do I hafta think of everything? Wade

Michael said...

I think the bridge is open.
Or would that be cheating?

Pat S said...

Michael, that would not be cheating, it would be outstanding. But I'm sure it's not open.