Thursday, April 11, 2013

Announcing My Presence

"BRAH, I'M ROLLING THROUGH YOUR HOOD!  LET'S GIVE EACH OTHER SOME SPACE!", is basically what I'm trying to communicate to the wild things on the hillsides of Antoine with this new hardware installation, which was inspired by a suggestion from Andy in Denver.  But there's no actual yelling involved.  The sound is soothing, actually.  And neither self nor beast need suffer my torturous singing any longer. Which is huge in itself.

There's one on the right shifter, and one on the left.  Because redundancy is a good thing when it comes to systems that can flat out save you from having your head flat out stomped in by an ungulate.

They flat out work, too.

"Wha dat thound?!?"

Deer don't talk much, so it's hard for them. Obviously.


Vik said...

I use a bear bell on my bike is grizzly country. I don't love the noise so I only use it when it seems value added, but in those situations giving a grizzly some warning I'm bombing down the trail is worth the noise pollution!



Andy D. said...

Nice job! Leave it to a creator of your caliber to take a kernel and engineer it into refined application. Congratulations to you and your newly musical bike.

Anonymous said...

"Brah"? I don't hear that word too much in Spokane. But a lot of people in Hawaii say that.