Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Hardest Item To Leave Behind

I just have this gut instinct that this trip, in particular, could well use this lense.

But it's chunky and somewhat heavy, and try as I might, I just can't figure out a good place to carry it.  Part of the carrying criteria is 'reasonable access'.  I could probably cram it into a pannier, but by the time I got it out and buckled into the camera, the photo op would be long gone, as I picture it (pun intended). Having it and not being able to use it would be worse than not having it, I have decided. So it is staying behind.

At the moment, this is the worst of my problems. Or in other words, the trip is shaping up nicely.


Anonymous said...

You lost 30 pounds.

Take the chunky one pound lens.

Turdus Obscurus said...

I've taken shits bigger than that lens. Like, this morning, it came out with fluted colums and minarets, a turd Taj Mahal in the bowl. A Shitstine Chapel! I wanted the wife to look, but she won't look since the one that looked like the Virgin Mary. She's like, it's sacreligious, and I'm like, it's a miracle, baby.

Stick the lens in a beer koozie, and the koozie in the water bottle cage. Accesible and protected.

Leave the water bottle at home. Water is too heavy to bring bike touring.

Bryan B said...

Wait, when did you start planning this trip!? I must have missed the announcement.