Friday, April 19, 2013

Gettin' Busier

I wish I could tell you that I am full on busy as far preparations for my trip are concerned. 'Busier' it is, sadly.  I honestly have no idea how I am possibly gonna be ready and at the same time, I know I'm gonna be.  Bike-karma-magicality-wise.

The first and so far only sole-purpose lasher rack that I know of  is owned by John and of course we're all waiting for him to step up and finally put it to work, but in the meantime I have this hybrid lasher that I took across the state last year and that worked out fabulously, if that is actually a word.

So I'm taking things to the next level, lasher-wise.  The master plan was to head out to the shop tonight and dry-run-lash all these elements to it:

Unfortunately, I didn't/don't have the quite-right straps in house. Strappage is huge, let me tell  you.  So there will be another hardware run tomorrow. What a surprise.

On a tangential subject:

The boots.  They barely got broken in on the cross state tour and they have been dabbling in horse-poop-mud on Antoine, but they are SO ready to throw down at Quilomene.  Mess is what they live for, so that's at least one detail I don't have to sweat.

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Not said...

I love the light mounts on the back of that rack. My fargo is rackless and I'm trying to come up with a good rear light mount. (Seatpost is not available.)
- Ventura