Friday, December 9, 2011

Hang Report

John called for this week's hang to be at my house and so it was. (If that sentence sounds kind of odd, see bullet point 2 below.) It was supposed to be an indoor-outdoor event, with some comfort grub in the heated shop/warming hut and a massive bonfire in the driveway so that we could enjoy our hot frontsides and cold backsides in the starry, frigid evening. But aparently the air is so incredibly, insanely particulated and dangerous to breathe right now that a burn ban is in effect. So it was all in. Side. It was a good hang, nonetheless.

The going-away, day-later bullet points:

  • I'm friends with some people who effin know how to cook and brew. I won't run through the entire menu, but holy hell, we were in a damn garage and you couldn't eat that good at most fine restaurants. By comparison, I'm a bit embarassed about what I served, but on the other hand, the bastards put a pretty good dent in it, so I've probably spent enough energy on that particular emotion.

  • John uses at least one hang each year as a "swap meet".  Which is basically a smoke and mirrors pretense for him to move some really fine bike shit he no longer needs into the hands of bike friends. It's just another one of a thousand things that he does to share his love of cycling and it's totally John and it's totally rad. If he ever suggests any activity at your house that sounds even remotely related, schedule it immediately.

  • Despite the lame "Is that it?" comments and reactions that I got at the end of the lathe demonstration, it was probably the pinnacle of the evening. All I can say (and you know who you are) is that if I have to explain the phenomenalness of the aluminum washer that was created out of NOTHING, you will never understand.  I'm sorry, but sparks and flames don't shoot out of lathes.  Unless you're doing it all wrong.


Just a second . . . really?

You were hoping for a Youtube moment???  Really??


I'd like to invite you back next year. I've decided to do assigned seating.  I'll set out a bowl of chips for you.  On the picnic table out back.

Arrival and unloading of the bulk of the swap meet stash.

Dave needs to cheer up a little.

Glen, making phenomenal aluminum washers.


rory said...

given the clientele, you did the wrong object for a lathe demonstation. a much better object would have been an aluminum shot glass.

and i was hoping for more fat tire pictures.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I thought you were making bongs with that lathe. In all seriousness the hang was good, the food was good, the company was good, and the temperature was really good.

Not said...

Not that I have a use for such a device any more, but a machined aluminum bong could be pretty damn cool. Though I'm not sure it's healthy (?!) to smoke from aluminum.
- Ventura

Pat S said...

Rory, you definitely have your finger on the pulse of this particular group. The hot topic was and obviously continues to be bong manufacturing.

Patrick Sullivan said...

I'm jealous. Thanks.

Pat S said...

Fine. I'll build you a bong, too.

Anonymous said...

Lathe laddy lathe
Lathe me down a big numinum bong

John Speare said...

Wow. Hauling my crap to your garage makes me a saint... well-put!