Sunday, November 18, 2012

Patching Things Up

E:  All you ever ride is those damn mountain bikes anymore.

P:  Yeah, I guess you have a point.

E:  Those other bikes are WHORES!  All they want is your money!

P:  Well, they do get a fair amount of it, but . . .

(E cuts him off.)

E:  I only want you for your legs! What we have is REAL.

P:  I think you're overreacting.  It's not like that at all.

E:  Oh gawd.  You don't [sob] love me any [sob] more!

(E breaks down crying, uncontrollably.)

P:  But I DO love you.

E:  Prove it.

P:  I just told you so.  Don't you trust me?

E:  Talk is [sob] cheap, you cheap bastard!  PROVE. IT.

P:  Fine.  Where would you like to go?

E:  Well, you've never [sniff] taken me up Five Mile Road since [sniff] they re-did it.

P:  Really??  Oh shit, I feel so bad.  They finished that, what, a year ago?  Maybe two even?  Okay. Be ready in ten.

E:  I'm already ready.

P:  Oh. Yeah.

E:  Pat?

P:  Yeah,

E:  Do you love me?

P:  I do. Truly.

E:  I know you do.


bmike said...

Man that hits home. My IF had cobwebs on it after riding my Fargo most of the year.

Vik said...

I sold two bikes this year that I loved, but wasn't riding. It wasn't a fun experience, but once it was all said and done I'm glad I did.

Peter Stewart said...

Make up or break up. You did the honorable thing.

Pat S said...

Mike, just a little love is all the IF needs.

Vik, I know what you're saying, but this is all that's left of my road bikes!

Peter, EXACTLY. Was there really even a choice?

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