Friday, November 2, 2012


Please don't turn this into a race thing, especially just in front of the election. It's a pure bike thing, in a vacuum, and that's how you should look at it. (I know that's asking a lot, considering how well I know you and your adversarial and highly-political nature.)

But honestly, I'm pretty radically opposed to fostering the excessive use of black as a dominant bike theme. I was, at one point, but now I'm not. Everyone has to go through the stealth phase I suppose. I know I did. And I have those two bikes that I will have to live with for a long time, to remind me.

These days though, my psychological backlash calls for COLOR. There's plenty of inherent and unavoidable black in every bike (and I mean that in the most respectful way) and black is a fantastic complementary partner to any scheme, but let's not get carried away. (Or maybe you should be preaching that line to me, since I seem to be going off the bling deep end these past few months.)

Jeez. I've gotten way off track.

The stock forks have offended my highly-tuned aesthetic sensibilities since day one. And now they do not. That is all.


bmike said...

No worries. We are all friends here. But do consider saving that precious color by routing your front brake cable into the fork from the front. Will keep the paint on your headset and head tube intact. I've rubbed my Pugsley (all white is OK, right) the wrong way.

Bivalve Cuspid said...

Adverserial and highly political nature? Surely you can't mean us.

If that was a reference to our ballot bonfire and weenie roast on your pump track, you sadly mistake the joyful apolitical intent.

We all loved democracy, to be sure, but we are quite confident that whatever system the higher-ups have chosen to replace it will be just as entertaining.

And, for your information, black is a COLOR, and the second most beautiful color for a bicycle.

As the poet said, once you go orange, you'll never go, um, back.

Malarkey said...

I have the Joe Biden of bicycles: an orange-tan good-time machine.

Matt B. said...

Looks fantastic. That tire is a thing of beauty.

I must say though, I've never understood the use of the plural "forks." There's only one right? A salad fork has twice as many prongs/legs, and still only warrants a singular. Maybe we could compromise by referring to a bike's fork as its "legs"?

Splitting hairs, I guess. The fork/forks/legs looks great either way.

Pat S said...

Cool idea, Mike. I'll have to give that some thought.

Bivalve, those weenies were pretty tasty, what with the burnt-ballot aftertaste. I kept getting chads stuck in my teeth, though.

Matt, it's "fork", without question. I also noticed my error, after the fact, but was just too lazy to correct it. Thanks for keeping me grammatically honest. ;-)

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