Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fatturday The 1st

It's Real. It's Imminent.

Genesis and evolution here.

As I envision and turn this event over in my mind, I experience this weird sensation that I can't put my finger on; the closest feeling I can relate it to is a sense of doom, as I imagine the sound of all those fat tires, mashing into the multitude of surfaces present across the globe on that day, in unison. Holy living hell.

I'm all in on this and I don't mean halfway. Did I mention all.

If you're in the area and rolling fat and and this is in your wheelhouse, let's talk:



Andy D. said...

On Fatturday I'll be rolling with you on my Pugsley, it'll just be on a surface a few hundred miles away.

Pat S said...

Andy, right on!

bmike said...

you used genesis and evolution in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Baja with my Pugs so I'll be observing this holiday. :)


The Shed Master said...

Wisconsin will be celebrating this event en masse.

Dave N said...

I shall also celebrate the arrival of the Fatturday Solstice with you

Pat S said...

bmike, just to prove that I could.

Vik, Shed Master: I think it's gonna be a really fun day, watching fats all over the globe check in with pics and rider reports.

Dave, looking forward to riding with you again!