Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After All The Dust Settles

On potentially rad bike trips that involve a ton of planning and commitment, where different people are in, and then out, and then the weather looks like shit, and so there's a buncha debate about whether they (we) should or shouldn't throw down, and then other random factors wander into and out of play, there comes a decision point, eventually, that doesn't follow any particular model and that I don't think anyone can effectively predict, but that once arrived at, generates radio silence.

Because at that point, everyone still involved knows for sure that it's going down, and pretty much how, and sets themselves deliberately upon the task at hand.  No more talking is necessary.  I love this part.

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Dave N. said...

I just looked at the weather and it looks like you should be able to ride Friday morning and it looks like rain Friday afternoon and night but things look like they can shape up to be pretty epic Saturday