Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Monthly BikEVENTure Plan

Jack has become a dull boy.  Too much work has left him bike-starved over the last several months.  Most all of the 2014 riding season, really.

He wants to do something about it.

Jack is an aspirational a-hole with a great job who is super engaged in the challenge of his work.  It's a crazy-tough gig, but he wouldn't trade it for anything, unfortunately.  It's pretty much how he's wired.

He does miss his riding though.

And while he can never go back to simpler days, he does have the opportunity and power to adapt, as we all do.

Jack gets all the competitive action he needs at work.

What really turns him on these days, bike-wise, is meandering exploration and high adventure.

Unfortunately, Jack cannot currently envision breaking away for even as much as a week-long trip.

Fortunately, his propensity to embrace the corporate world has left him in a cash flow position that supports short-ish or longer-ish weekend getaways to places of bike interest.

And he thinks/hopes he can get away for a short or long weekend roughly every month.

For something bikey.

And maybe it will be a one day event, or maybe it will be a four day event.  But it will be an EVENT, of some sort.

But for sure it will be something adventurous, 'cause dull as Jack seems, adventure is the fire burning somewhere in his belly, or maybe that was the Mexican food he had for lunch.

Monthly BikEVENTures, you see.  Says Jack.

So far, this simple-minded plan has shown great promise in Jack's world.  He has lost a bit of weight and has taken some baby steps towards a better work-life balance.

More importantly, though, he has somehow carved out a bit of space for bike passion in his life again.  Planning and preparation for some semi-regular and potentially rad, upcoming events will apparently do that.

The first such BikeEVENTure was the September Ocean Shores fatbike beach trip this past weekend.  Which was wildly successful, relative to plan expectations.

The October one is another fatbike beach/sand deal, that's an even longer road trip and even more highly weather dependent.  All part of the adventure.

Simple-minded Jack has not yet thought ahead to November.  But he will come up with something, in due time.

Jack loves his solitary time (which he uses to sort out his personal problems) and he also loves company.  If you have interest in joining him on any of his adventures, there's always the possibility something could work out.  Let me know, and I can put you in touch.


Hank Greer said...

Tell Jack that I know someone who would enjoy a BikEVENTure after cyclocross season is over.

Dave N. said...

Jack need to plan for Winthrop 16-18 Jan 15 for the next NW Fatbike meet.

Dave N. said...

Yep- Jack needs some of this:

Meg said...

Take me with you. I don't care what the plan is, lol....

Pat S said...

Hank, I will pass that on. Jack will be very excited.

Dave, Jack tells me he is re-thinking his position on the Winthrop trip. In accordance with the PLAN.

Meg, certain girls are always looking for trouble, by nature.

Wileydog said...

Hmmmm, jack might be able to talk me into something

Pat S said...

>>Hmmmm, jack might be able to talk me into something<<

Cow Creek exploration in November, for instance?

Wileydog said...

that would be something. i was just thinking the other day that I haven't thought about Cow Creek for awhile.

Unknown said...

For December consider GFBD and Frenchman Coulee/Beverly/Crab Creek and or we could ride into Whiskey Dick Bay from Vantage for a revisit?

Meg said...

What trouble?

Well behaved women seldom make history...

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