Friday, October 3, 2014

Road Trip Preparedness

This is an exceedingly nerdy post, during which I will also use the adjective 'super' multiple times, which will make it that much more annoying. It will only appeal to an average of about 1 out of 1000 readers and since I only have a total of 7, on average, I recommend that you just move on. If you do choose to proceed then, it's totally on you. Just so we're clear.

The exciting thing is, though, my new-ish truck that I got a little over a year ago has this cargo anchorage system that consists of some extruded aluminum rails that are bolted to the bed. What wasn't apparent to me at the time, is that the rails are compatible with unistrut, which if you have never spent time in the industrial world, is this super-widely-universal modular hardware system normally used for hanging electrical conduit and air and hydraulic and any other kind of lines off of any industrial surface whatsoever. It's not elegant in any way, it's strictly utilitarian. But oy, how elegantly utilitarian it is.

My nephew-in-law, Greg, is this super hard-core industrial electrician. I am not intending to offend anyone who wires houses for a living, but Greg works with high amp/high voltage systems day in and day out and works in the gnarliest, nastiest environments of our modern day, like sawmills and powerplants and all manner of harsh work scenarios. He lives on the road. He could crush you and me, both electrically, and physically.

I am not sure why I felt the need to point that out but at any rate, he has the same truck as me and I like to dream that maybe this somehow puts us in the same stratsophere, which it does not.

Where this super long-winded and rambling train of thought is headed, finally, is that Greg and I were at a family gathering a while back during which he enlightened me about the unistrut compatibility. It was like, a 'wow' moment, and I subsequently stuck this super rad info in my back pocket.

Until tonight, at which time it was finally time for me to go a little crazy in the shop and start to apply this super rad system/principle to my upcoming activities. I'm not sure it will make a lot of sense at this juncture, but when it eventually all plays out, you will be worshiping my creativity and wisdom. Of this much, I am super sure.

I warned you. When will you learn to listen?


Not said...

That is extremely cool. I have a truck that is far less useful.

I also worry about leaving things - like my bike - in the back of the truck while I go into a business to buy food or whatever. Because of that, I use a minivan instead, and sometimes think of getting a full-size van to fit EVERYTHING inside.
- Ventura

Pat S said...

I think about vans all the time. The big ones . . . Sprinters and the like. Man, the road trip fun you could have with one of those. But I'm not going to increase the size of my fleet, so it would have to replace my truck and become my daily driver, which I just can't reconcile. So a van will stay just a thought for me. For now . . .

CraigH said...

Yup, full size vans are great for bike road trips. Ours:

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