Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bucket Down

A good bucket died today.

For no other reason than my vanity.  (Sure, there's some functionality involved, but did it really have to be blue?)

Look, I think bike aesthetics are somewhat important.  I'm just not sure where the act of murdering an inanimate object (that also looks quite nice) in order to provide a small incremental addition to your (subjective) bike bling scheme lands you, karmically.  I suppose that I will find out, and probably not so gently.

In other news, the new tires seem fine.  I couldn't begin to tell you if they are awesome or not, but I am fairly confident that they don't suck.  There's a good amount of comfort, just in this.

1 comment:

Stine said...

That bucket would make a perfect laying box -- for when you get chickens...just sayin'...