Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby Gots New Shoes

Those of you who know me kind of get that I have thrown down on the corporate lifestyle.  There was a time not that long ago when it would have made me puke, but it has apparently  grown on me, and I have come to really dig the challenge and competition of the playground skirmishes in this sandlot.  The most intoxicating part of my current role is potentially having the opportunity to create a better work life for the mechanical engineers and designers that I manage, and I guess in short, that's what drives me.

So with that said, one of the advantages of selling your soul to the devil is that you have a certain amount of fatbike-tire-disposable income.

A corrupted fool and his money are soon parted, then.

The thing is, fatbike tire options are just EXPLODING.  There are those options that are available, and those that are in the cue, and those that are a twinkle in daddy's eye.  It is an amazing time in the development of fatbike tire options and I am glad that I have a coupla (few hundred) bucks to throw at this crazy developmental dartboard and just try some of this crazy shit out, to bring this post full circle.  Since the average price of ONE tire is somewhere between $110 and $130.

Some of the crazy tread designs make really good sense in my mind and others don't, but may, over time, who knows.  It's the wild west.

One or more packages have hit my front porch over the last few days and I think it is probably time to just shut up and ride.


Dave N said...

I hope the 3/4" deep knobs are enough!

Pat S said...

I will try to get by, somehow.

CraigH said...

How is the 4.7" Bulldozer working for you? If our new bikes ever arrive, that is what is supposed to be mounted.

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