Saturday, August 15, 2009

Calgary Canada's Cousin Colleen Comes Calling

She's stateside for a visit, along with her bike, and wanted to take a ride with Patty.

Before they left, she asked me to take a quick look at her bike - she's been having some trouble with her chain skipping on the smallest cog. I figured it was just a derailleur adjustment. That is, until I noticed I could spin the cog with the wheel completely stopped. Uh-oh.

Turns out the cog was broken.

Poor Colleen, she had a serious bike problem and her only hope was her shadetree hack of a cousin. And a damn Yankee, no less. But this time, procrastination, laziness and ineptitude would rule the day. See, the rear wheel I'd taken off my old Specialized Hard Rock when I did the Xtracycle conversion and have been tripping over for weeks because I never got around to throwing it away was almost an exact match. Whadya know. I was once again able to avoid any real work. So long old wheel, hello new-used wheel. A five-minute tire swap and the bike was on the road again, good as new and ready for Colleen to go into warp drive.

I don't care what anyone says . . . I'll take lucky over good any day.

And speaking of lucky, the gals apparently passed by the Rocket Market on their ride and Colleen decided to say thanks in my language.

Great to see you, Colleen. Hope you enjoy your stay!


Jerome said...

Calgary Kicks Ass! Sorry, bout that. I was born and raised there. Thanks for looking after my neighbors so well. Have another bottle on me! Cheers!

Pat S said...

Twist my arm, Jerome. Consider it done. :-)

Thanks for checking in . . . reminds me that I need to drop by one of your many blogs and find out what you've been up to lately. The only thing I know without looking is that no grass is growing under your feet!