Friday, August 21, 2009

My Sad Life

I've been marching to the beat of this tyrannical drummer:

Oh, you think I'm a freak??? I think you are a freak! Whatever, dog. At least I have a life. You should seriously try getting one.

Anyway. As promised:


Hank Greer said...

Nice job, Pat. Where does the beer go?

Pat S said...

Dunno, Hank. I'm starting to think this hammock has a major design flaw.

Jason Gilman said...

You're the man now dog! Now I want to see the hammock deployment race video with you vs. John Speare for neighborhood hammock supremacy!

John Speare said...


But I think you need to test it by laying in it to make sure it holds.

Perhaps you could shave a few seconds off by leaving the fly attached?

John Speare said...

Jason: no contest. Anyone who has gone an on overnighter with me knows how long I fuss with the hammock. I'm happy to get it strung up in about 10 minutes. (that's what she said)... sorry.

Pat S said...

Jason, keep in mind that I've never actually *used* it. But yes, for front yard hammock setup, I pretty much rule.

John, you mean it has to be functional?? Krap, back to the drawing board.

Good idea on leaving the fly attached.

Alan said...

The "That's what she said" comment made me laugh hard enough that I almost spit my coffee out. Funny.

Anonymous said...

So pro!

Anonymous said...

Good work. I think this calls for some sort of celebration.

newsdredge said...

I've been intrigued by these hammocks. Really, intrigued. Now I am going to get one, thanks to your video.

What was with the guy speeding in front of your house? It must make it hard to sleep out there.

Pat S said...

newsdredge, my street is light arterial, guess I'm conditioned to the noise (sadly). But you make me think . . . I see lots of "Children At Play" signs. What would be so wrong with "Adult Asleep".

Love your blog, btw.

mike said...


faster with snakeskins though... ;)

love the S24O write up.
have to add you to the 'read' pile.