Friday, August 14, 2009

Knot A Lot To Talk About

Same dumb shit going on at my house tonight as last night.

Other than that, I've been consumed for over a week with trying to pick out a sleeping bag, which is amazingly difficult. No end in sight. Good bags = serious coin and I can't afford to make a mistake.

(post #200 - yay. don't let the dark house fool ya - big celebration running through the night and into the wee hours)


Jerry Wick said...

Hi Pat,

You need to check out and do a little looking around. Be careful, I've lost countless hours there!

I just tried my first camping hammock and don't think I will go back to a tent if I can help it.


Pat S said...

Hi Jerry, great to hear from you.

Unfortunately, you're too late . . . I've already been sucked into the hammockforums vortex and wasted those countless hours :-)

By the way, I took your advice and tried a Selle An-Atomica. It's working out pretty well. One of these days maybe I'll get around to blogging about it.

Hope you're having a good summer in your part of the country.

Mike S said...

My goodness Pat. When you quit your training for bike racing I believed your stories about "working on the house", "going green", "painting the garage", and other such non-sense. But spending all day pondering a hammock? Hammock forums??? Your condition has taken a turn for the worse my friend. Consider this an intervention.

On a personal level I guess I could consider you an enabler. Now I don't feel so bad about getting into ham radio :/


Pat S said...

Mike, please trust me. The whole hammock thing . . . it's all about the bike. Just like ham radio. Right?