Sunday, November 11, 2012

I've Been Thinking . . .

And this is never a good thing, I know.  But hear me out:

I've been dabbling on the pump track over the weekend and I think maybe there's some winter potential there.  I've talked to other pump track dudes who talk about how fast a frozen pump track is (obviously), but those were young-ish bullet-proof types, and the concrete-like hardness of a frozen pump track has always struck me as downright scary, honestly. Hard-packed dirt is bad enough.

The dabbling was pretty treacherous and I have to give myself an attaboy for even having the nuts, and yes I did go down once and it was a fairly harsh impact that had me hobbling around and cussing for a few minutes, but sometimes you just have to push buttons, and then maybe some new doors will open for you.  This might be one of those times, or not. Only time will tell.

In the background, Brandy has not one, but two balls lined up and ready, should I tire of
this bicyclish nonsense and choose to play a real game. "Chucker's choice", is the enticement.
What made things so treacherous was this bmx-ish tire. It's designed for rolling fast on moderately-moist to dry hardpack at above-freezing temps. It doesn't do snow or wet-slick or freezing well and if I've ever said one thing you can trust me on, this would be it.

BUT. Imagine, if you will, a smooth, frozen track, with the high stud-count tires on the left, of which I already own two, mounted up on the bike.  These tires would rip my labor-of-love track to shreds at anything above freezing, but I just have this idea that run at the right pressure, they may stick like glue to the right kind of frozen surface.

Mother nature will have to do her part by providing a not-tremendous amount of snow and a good stretch of cold, but I'm willing to do the necessary work on the track (clearing snow, smoothing and packing prior to the deep freeze).

Anyway, I guess this is either a cry for help or a preview of coming attractions. Take it as you will.


Matt B. said...

Do it! Looks like fun.

Pat S said...

Yep, I think it's a foregone conclusion, Matt. ;-)

Riding in Reno said...

Get out the hose and spray that track down....then order up some studded tires! Game on!

Unknown said...

OMG Pat...I remember when you kissed the not-frozen ground. You sure this is a good idea?