Saturday, January 5, 2013

Riverside, Cont'd.

It's the place to be, right now.

A moment of acute personal awareness and cardio-vascular system self-assessment, just atop 5-minute hill.
I  was gasping from behind the camera.  If  this doesn't stir a sense of compassion within you, your soul is dead.
L-R: John, Eric, Colin, Chris.

There's no rest for an ungulate magnet.  Not that I would expect you to understand, but it's a heavy burden I bear.
Probably seems all glamorous from your perspective, but trust me, the responsibility is at times overwhelming.
Not to mention the danger.  Any one of these suckers could charge me at any time.

Another fine winter's-day ride.  Thanks to my bat-shit crazy buddies for throwing down, so I have someone to share these grand adventures with.

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