Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Breakfast Ride

The section of the ride through the Playfair area had a stark, gray feel to it.  Justin remarked that it would be a
good location for shooting an end-of-the-world-themed movie.  I thought it felt Fargo-ish.  Only things we were
missing were a bigass wood chipper and a major disagreement.  And those rad singsong accents, of course.

Yah, you betcha.

Sorry, John, about the text snafu.  Email it is, going forward.


Hank Greer said...

The heck do ya mean?

Pat S said...

John's austerity-plan-driven no-data-plan-phone means he can receive texts but not group texts and therefore didn't get the ride notice.

Anonymous said...

Save money, send your location via triungulation.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of birds in the train photo.

Perfesser Lumper said...

Some evolutionary biologists classify birds as winged ungulates, others prefer to refer to terrestial ungulates as flightless birds.

Pat may be the missing link?

Spongeblob Flairpants said...

Wait a minute, I thought birds were flying dinosaurs?

Perfesser Lumper said...

Well, yes Mr. Flairpants, one might say that as well.

Here in Academe, we find the marking of distinctions between organisms at best tedious, if not in bad taste.

Even the supposed boundary that many claim between animate and inaminate objects boasts too much.

For example, the head of my department was replaced years ago with a large stone. There has been no measurable change in function.

Pat S said...

Anon 1, that's extremely rad. While watching, it came to me with great conviction that my favorite ungulate would be Alf. Even if he isn't technically one (I am not sure), he's got the chops to convince you he is. Apparently it has already worked on me.

Anon 2, I know! Think about how much ungulates are defined by their TRACKS and then think about what trains run on and then consider Perfesser Lumper's academic schtick about the birds and all . . . and the photo is enough to blow some minds [albeit probably those that were already right there on the brink].

Spongeblob, that's precisely the difference between The Learning Channel and 26InchSlicks. If you want the genuine goods, turn off the boob toob and spend some quality time online. High-powered intellectuals like Perfesser Lumper rarely make public appearances and when they do, it's not on shows like Oprah, it's on way-obscure places like this, because, well, that's how intellectuals operate.

Perfesser Lumper, thank you. I think. It might take me some time to process your wisdom. And I say that with great respect.

Most Reverend Splitter said...

I fear that scientific theories of species agglutinization have little to offer as explanatory paradigm for the miraculous magnetism of the animal kindgdom to Pat S while he roams beneath heaven astride his enormous bicycle.

Not a scientitific collector of specimens is he, but rather, a modern day Saint Francis of Assissi.

Or, perhaps, a Dr. Doolittle.

Pat S said...

Thank you Reverend, for stopping by! I never thought I'd see the day when this goofy blog drew out legitimate clergymen, weighing in on the ever-sensitive evolution/creation debate, and with such tremedous wisdom and respect. Just goes to show you the power of the interwebs.

Although it's quite possible that the St. Francis of Assisi comparison has rendered me overly gullible and giddy.