Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ground Floor Opportunity

John and I must have received the same request today from Spokane Rocket Velo to post up an appeal for volunteers to help pull off the upcoming Lilac City Crit, because I just noticed that he put something up this afternoon. He's covered the what/where/why stuff really well, so no need for me to go over that again.

Instead, I will try to supplement what he wrote by coming at you from a little different angle.

The pic below was taken at the SRV-organized Whitworth Crit earlier this summer. Crit racing is fast, furious and fun to watch.  It belongs in downtown Spokane.

Yes, you could go down on Sept 8th and just watch, like most people.

OR . . . you could become part of the machine that's driving this amazing addition to the cycling landscape here.

I posted previously about how Alan and Mike, along with Sarah and Aaron and Chad and Ron and tons of other  people that I don't even know about within-the-ranks-of and affiliated with SRV, have done all the heavy lifting to make this rad event happen.  That makes it super-easy for you throw down a very reasonable amount of time and energy in order to help make something majorly bike-rad happen in Spokane.  And become an insider, a member of the the group that defied all odds and put big-time sanctioned bike racing back onto the streets of downtown Spo.

If you're even a little on the fence, just call or text or email Alan . . . he's one of the most energetic, positive, welcoming people I've ever met, and he'll find you something to do that fits your talents and make you feel like a million bucks for doing it.

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