Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heightened Security

Brandy and I tend to go to the park after dark these days, in order to avoid the summertime crowds. But the after-dark-atmosphere is noticeably more tense right now, due to the city's response to the Spokane Serial Stackers.

Tonight we were just innocently tossing around our LED fris, when a security car with one of those articulating driver-side spotlights shows up and starts blasting light all across the field we're playing on. I hit the deck and killed the LED. Brandy was exposed for the first time to the "GET DOWN" command. She didn't get it. Luckily, she didn't give us up.

I get that it costs the city a coupla bucks to undo the work of the stackers, but I'm just not buying that they're public enemies. They inject some much-needed energy and creativity into spo, and I think we can afford it. Rock on, stackers.

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bihlbee said...

Don't let that hint of whimsey blind you to the fact that these Socialist table stacking hooligans are hell bent on destroying our Rockwellian existence here in Spokane.