Thursday, October 11, 2012


In the days immediately following any great bike adventure, there's a certain amount of requisite processing.  Whereby your mind is slowly, reluctantly spooling down from its hyper-dose of happy brain chemicals and trying to process the sensory overload that it just experienced.

Facing the fact that you must return to bike-life-as-usual can be painful. One common coping mechanism is to futz with your bike, to the extent that you block the pain from your mind, which can take some doing.  But it can be done.

An alternate and exponentially more emotionally-healthy response is to take all the creative images that you captured during said adventure and meld them into one awesome video. Ward took the high road.

Totally. Awesome.


Vik said...

Holy $hit! That's the cleanest cassette I've ever seen. Mine are dirtier coming out of the box ;)

Riding in Reno said...

I guess someone has to say that was a PHAT video of the ride. Really excellent, thanks for sharing it!

Pat S said...

Vik, I know. It's sick. And not the good kind.

RinR, thanks for being that someone. ;-) And yeah, Ward sure knows how to put a video together.

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