Sunday, October 28, 2012

Righting An Egregious Wrong

Or 'how I spent my Sunday night'. Whatever, call it what you want. Bottom line is, it's an aesthetic mess I've been needing to deal with for a long time, and that has now been pretty much dealt with.

Full details to follow, in due time. Unless I decide that, given yours and my historically contentious relationship, you don't ever need to know.

I don't think that will happen, though. In fact, I'm sorry. I don't even know where that bit of attitude came from. Maybe the fact the Glen drug me up several brutal climbs this morning during which the lack of oxygen to my brain for an extended period of time fried all my goodwill-toward-my-fellow-man sentiment.

Anyway, the fork belongs to this wheel. When the wheel gets back together with the fork, everything will look prettier and my world will be a better place and I hope to be able to share my joy with you, genuinely,  as my blood-oxygen level will be back to a more reasonable level.


Don't need a weatherman said...

What was that all about? Are you making some sort of protracted metaphor? Another visual double-entendre? I'm searching for meaning, and I only get dada.

Speaking of metaphors and grumpy, hurty old men, wtf with all this Frankenstorm nonsense? Will the Frankenstorm shut down the Frankenelection? Does the Frankenelection need a name, like the Frankenstorm? SANDY VS ADOLF, SMACKDOWN IN THE ATLANTIC!

See, if you don't sandbag your blog with reason, board up the windows with coherence, a storm surge of politics might just wash it away.

We need you not to lose it, man. 26 Inch Slicks is our shelter from the storm. Storms. Und drangs. Gott dang it.

Fat Lady said...

Al Franken isn't even up for election this year.

I think Pat is right that we are at a fork in the road.

And, as seven-time Tour de France winner Yogi Berra said, if you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Fletcher Christian said...

I find it significant that the fork in the road has no brakes. Pat is signalling that the election will be a quick fixie, no matter the outcome? That we'll all come together to steer and skid our fat bike of a country to safety? Hipsters and aging jocks acting as one?

Joe Biden in skinny jeans, goatee, and a mess bag, now there's a thought.

Anyway, I don't think we should call this election Adolf. It's obviously a Knard. Big, bloated, and lacking traction.

Captain Bligh said...

Stop joking people. This storm has already flooded some of the most expensive oceanfront property on the East Coast.

The least we can do is cut the top tax bracket and eliminate the capital gains tax. Sacrifice a few bike lanes here or there to pay for it.

Thank god we didn't waste the debates discussing global warming.

Buttercup said...

CNN just showed a desparate hand-lettered sign hanging from Goldman Sachs:


Yup. Looks like another Wall Street bailout.

Poor bastards. They never had a chance.

I hope everyone supports Pedals 2 People "Bikes for Bankers" charity drive.

Queequeg said...

OMG, the New York Stock Exchange and the banks are closed! How will America's economy withstand the absence of the nation's vital financial services sector!

I'm packing a pb&j and fleeing down the Fish Lake Trail.

God Almighty said...

Step aside, amateurs. I'm agonna show ya how to occupy Wall Street.

Better pedal faster, bankers, faster!

Last I heard Lloyd Blankfein was riding over the Brooklyn Bridge with Toto in the basket.

I'll get you my pretty!

Pat S said...

Weatherman, it's all very lamely literal I'm afraid. But your imagination is obviously robust and I am therefore comforted by the thought that my lack of complexity will not hinder your ongoing adventures of the mind.

I do appreciate your insight into the Franken-aspect of the fork, something which was not deliberate and which was honestly, lost on me. As a consolation, I am at least barely sharp enough to appreciate its appropriateness to the season. Better to be lucky than good, as the saying goes.

Fat Lady, Fletcher, Capt Bligh, et al: Thank you for tackling the sensitive subjects of politics, religion, and hot-button current events, for which I don't have the cojones to dabble. There may be hope for this blog yet.

Jesus said...

Hey Daddy Almighty, You really pulled a number on Wall Street. Nice. Vengeance is Yours.

But can we talk a bit about the collateral damage...

Moses said...

HE's always been a sloppy smiter.

I'd be like "strategic smite this time" and the LORD G-D would be all like "Ride of the Valkyries suckas."

Now Baal, Baal was absolutely golden with the precision smite. Which is probably why the Golden Bull worshippers of Wall Street don't seem too put out by Sandy.