Friday, October 26, 2012

Whipped Into A Frenzy

. . . from which I was, apparently, unable to escape. Read on.

The fatbike tire choices have just become so luscious . . .

There's a delightful slew of 'em now offered under a variety of brands/badges including Surly, 45Nrth, Innova and Origin8. And I've probably even missed someone. Among those that have had my full attention these past few weeks are the super-meaty Nate:

And the slightly less-aggressive, but theoretically faster-rolling Husker Du:


Hyped-up and hopped-up by chatter on places like, and de-inhibited by a coupla glasses of wine, I totally lost control and instead semi-impulse-purchased a pair of Surly Knards for my 9:Zero:7 tonight. "Semi" because I have totally been craving a new set of tires (the "original" fat tires - the Endomorph and Larry - that I'm currently running still have their place, maybe, but they are pretty much old technology as far as a do-it-all utility fatbike tire), but I truly believed I had the strength of character to hold out for a few weeks, at least until the reviews started rolling in. Guess not.

The Knard is the (so-far) one and only 3-inch wide 29er tire that Surly developed in order to develop their new Krampus around.

Photo: DirtRag. Obviously.
But in their infinite wisdom, Surly also produced a 26 x 3.8 version of the same tire. Surly, you are radder than you have ever been.

Here's what they look like, mounted up. Holy living hell.

Photo: member croation_bear on

I think you can see how a guy's resolve could be crushed.  If not, I think you need to go hang out on a quilting blog or something.

People are always telling me to grow a pair. I hope ordering a pair will suffice.


Anonymous said...

Knard should get the best product name award.

Poetic and yet descriptive.

Unknown said...

Nates are very aggressive and very slow. I would only recommend if you absolutely need the killer traction. For more general purpose riding I'd stick with the Hdu of Knard.

Pat S said...

Anon: agreed.

Vik, yeah. Although I've never ridden either, that's kind of where I've ended up after reading lots of what others have to say about their experiences. The drag that I envision with the Nate is something I'm not crazy about. I think there are a few conditions/places where the Nate will humble every other tire, but I view it as a specialty tire for those situations. I'm interested in something with reasonable bite that rolls reasonably fast and I'm hoping the Knard fits that bill.