Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Circle Is Complete

Amazing news about Bin Laden tonight. I can't even fathom the horrendous sorrow that has been endured due to the man's hatred. Wishing for another human being to be dead is a hard one for me. But in this case, I'm truly relieved that he's no longer on the planet.

And now on to the relatively mundane subject at hand . . .

I think that a lot of people start to build pump tracks and then, due to the amount of concentration and effort required, never get there. I wanted to make sure that wasn't my story. I had the rare luxury of being able to totally clear my schedule this weekend and do a massive energy dump into the project. As a result, I am so tired that I can't even tell you my name. So I'll pretty much do a picture dump. And then dump myself into bed. Never have I looked so forward to going back to work on Monday so that I can rest up.

Patty kept trying to steal my dirt for her lawn project.

I got my hands on enough, though.

Apparently, she's beginning to feel some pump track love.

Maddie, ruling the (diminishing) dirt pile.

Requisite bigass ladder shot.
It's time for some rest.  The next step is to ride the hell out of it, tweaking every berm and roller along the way.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! It's totally getting there... Will be back to help more Joe

Pat S said...

Thanks for helping out, Joe. Can't wait to watch you rip it up.

Anonymous said...

Osama hated pump track.

Another victory against the terrorists!

FBC Spokane said...

Lookin good, Pat. I can't wait to ride it!

Justino said...

Hi Pat - let me know when you'll be grunting and sweating on in, how early? I can kick down some calories, for sure! Plus, coming off of my 7.5 mile sunburn-fest, I can tamp down the track with my feet.

Pat S said...

Jeff, ye shall.

Justin, nothing happening on Sat - I'm tied up helping out with the Liberty Road Race. I'll get in touch with you off-blog.

Patrick Sullivan said...

Wow. Looks like Maddie did a lot of work.