Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two New Games

Session three is in the books.  Another great night of bravado and bullshit.

Two new activities emerged:

The gathering, organization and nerdy analysis of lap time data . . .

. . . and the free-for-all 'pump til you puke' (despite the name, no actual stomach contents were harmed during the making of this film, but almost). . .

As for lap times, they're nominally in the eight-second range. John turned a 7:30, so the sixes will certainly get broken into. It'll be interesting to see if anyone breaks the barrier into the fives by end of summer.  That would be badishly fast. It could happen.

I guess the thing that occurs to me and that I'll probably be thinking about as I fall asleep in the next half hour or so is that I can go hard at this thing for maybe four or five laps and so at 8 seconds a lap, I'm getting my ass kicked in well under a minute.

1 comment:

Jonathan Eberly said...

Your last point means either the pump track is a bad ass cardio work out, or we are all horribly out of shape. In the interest of self esteem, I'm going with the former.