Sunday, May 15, 2011


IT held off longer this weekend than I thought IT would, and so I was able to do more yard work and trackbuilding than I thought I would. I got some kickass laps in, too.

But I took the last one early this afternoon, just as THE RAIN started, knowing I wouldn't be riding it again for a while. You'll just destroy a pump track if you ride it soggy, so you can't.

As much as I bitch about IT, though, THE RAIN is great for up-and-coming pump tracks. Nothing you can do with a hose comes even close to the slow and steady infiltration of THE RAIN for packing berms and bumps. Knowing this, I wanted to get as much of the new crossover as possible roughed in and exposed to IT over the next few days. It's not even anywhere close to rideable or right, but it'll be a great base to build on, once THE RAIN passes.

Another great thing about THE RAIN is that I've  been so obsessed with the track, that I haven't been riding.  At all.  Which sucks, because if I don't ride myself into shape pretty soon, I'm gonna be too lame to enjoy the upcoming season.   IT's arrival coincides pretty perfectly with Bike To Work Week.  Apparently, then, that't my cue.

I won't be able to make the pancake breakfast tomorrow, but I hope THE RAIN doesn't sog it out and that everyone has not only a great start to, but a fantastic week.  I'll see you out on the roads, for sure.

And lastly, since THE RAIN won't allow me to pump, it's always great to live vicariously.  I know I've posted this before, but it's worth a second look.  Our little backyard track will never be more than mostly rhythm with maybe a little tiny bit of air thrown in at some point, which is okay, but it's cool to see what a pump/jump track can become.  Knowing how hard it is to pump myself around my puny little track puts me in awe of what these dudes (and chicks) are doing.

So all in all, I'd be at total peace tonight, if it hadn't been for this dig find today . . .

It's possible that someone was killed on our property, in which case the track could possibly be haunted, causing people to land on their heads. Or maybe one of the neighbors murdered an annoying cousin a number of years ago and buried the weapon in our yard. In which case, one wonders what happened to the body. Needless to say, I'm reluctant to dig any deeper than I have to.

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