Sunday, May 29, 2011

Webb's Slough SON: Ready Thyself

(If you're unfamiliar with the grand plan, read this and this.  There.  Now you know as much as the rest of us.)

Patty and I took the final recon trip out to St John yesterday. Yes, I know, it's the second such, which may seem obsessive, but plans have changed a bit since you and I last talked on this subject and there were some questions that needed answering. Plus, this ride has the potential to be fairly rad, so ironing out some kinks to that end feels like time well spent.

Earlier this week, I called Amanda Webb at the Webb's Slough office and told her that I was part of a group that would be headed out from Spokane on bikes to watch the June 18th race. Among other things I wanted to know was where we could safely park our bikes. She described the area where the motorcycles normally park.

"I see. But actually we're on pedal-bikes", I told her. "Ahhhh! This will be a first for Webb's Slough", she replied. And she then proceeded to patiently answer my thousand-and-one questions. She was super helpful and enthusiastic about us coming out. I got seriously good vibes.

So camping at Rock Lake is hereby out of the picture. Loaded with overnight gear, it's a fairly rigorous trip out to St John, followed by an afternoon of (hopefully) baking in the sun, watching some insane boat racing (guaranteed), and hitting the beer garden a time or two. Or three. Given this, and the hospitality of the Webb's and St John, we'd be crazy to spend the night anywhere else. We have the option of pitching tent at the slough or just down the road at the fairgrounds. Both have water and toilets. We can decide day-of.

We drove down to the slough and took a coupla pics.

Yep, that's safety fence, cause these boats have massive HP, and can 'de-slough'.

Amanda told me we could maybe camp next to the creek.  I think this is that area. Sweet.

This is a shot of one of the grassy areas at the fairgrounds - the other possible overnight spot.

They (the Webbs, I think), were hanging up these banners about town during the time we were there.

Patty and I had lunch at the cafe - wonderful BLT's both.  It probably won't work out, schedule-wise, that we eat here during our overnighter.  Shame.
I've got a buncha other details, but it's time to take them off-blog - planning from here on out will be via email.  So far, here's who's said they're in . . .


It's time to put up or shut up - and you should definitely put up.  Get on down with your bad self!  Whatever, you catch my drift.  Anyone not on the list who wants to be, email me at pat[dot]sprute@gmail[dot]com.  It's gonna be a serious good time.  (Bryan B, I don't have your email, so if you're in, shoot it to me.)

And just in case you're a little on the slow side and still need just a bit more incentive, here it is:

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Mike S said...

Lookin good Pat. We've been doing our own recon of the St John and Rock Lake areas getting ready for the race this Sunday. It would be sweet to find a camp spot on an out of the way place on a farm or something. Sounds like you've got the hook ups to make it happen.