Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I put out the invite and knew that some sort of session crew would show up, and I had a plan in place about how I wanted to take advantage of whatever cheap, dirt-moving labor was at my disposal - maximum pumpability return on the volunteer investment, if you will, so that I could in turn reward them with the most amount of fun.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think the track would go pumpable tonight.  Nor do I think they did.

So we moved a bit of dirt and then it just frikkin happened.  First it was John, then Glen.  Then Jon and/or Jeff, not sure of the exact order.  Jake showed up and pumped it. Even me.  So, so, so, SO rad!

I'm the undisputed slowest, but I'm the engineer.  There are a few fast engineers out there, but in general, we're generally not.  Our jobs are generally to make other people go fast.  Just look at the space shuttle and Formula One cars, for instance.  I rest my case.  I was pretty much born to build shit and I've been building shit all my life and I do it well and so even though I can't rail it, tonight is extremely personally satisfying in terms of taking this fairly wild concept and implementing it in my yard over a pretty short period of time, which was a big part of the pump track equation, as I don't want this monster to eat our summer alive.  The last week, in particular, has been pretty mind-bending, as I've buried myself into how to make one of these work.

I'm all wildly spooled up with planning about where this thing's gonna go from here and it's gonna get so much better, but tonight's pumpability is a major first milestone, a righteous cause for pause and celebration.  Here are a few pics, then, from this wonderful, warm, dry, pumpable spring evening . . .





Everybody wang chung

Track-tested pump bikes, eagerly awaiting the next sesh . . .


Jason Gilman said...

The picture with everybody on the track at once is my favorite. Congratulations on officially achieving your pumpable badge of approval!

Pat S said...

Thanks, Jason. You should come over and ride!

Anonymous said...

I think the next logical step is legal protection from the neighborhood kids breaking their collar bones or whatever else on that attractive nusience...it's the American way. Wade

Jonathan Eberly said...

Pretty awesome Pat. We pump the track, the mosquitoes pump us. Its the circle of life.

Alan said...

Perpetual motion? Check.

FBC Spokane said...

Thanks for the invite and the enormous lump on my shin.

John Speare said...

Pat -- so fricking awesome that I can't stand it. Thanks for building and sharing.

alex wetmore said...

it's awesome. my summer trip to spokane is going to have to include a visit to the track.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Yes, I'm pumpily dumb.

So in looking at the vids there's little to no peddling?

What an interesting concept!

Speaking of concepts, there's a Wheels and Deals yard sale ride this Saturday. Let me know if you want the details.

Mayhaps the crowd will come by and look at your creation.

Pat S said...

Wade, I'm all over it. Now quit being such an old lady and come over and ride, bro.

Alan, 'perpetual' is hereby defined as 3 laps.

J,J&J (Jon,Jeff&John), that was killer. Cool that you were here.

Alex, it would be a crime not to schedule some pump track time into your next visit to this side.

Jacque, yeah, it's a no-pedal gig. I won't be able to make the yard sale ride, but definitely swing by, if it works out.

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