Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday In Review

I woke up late (eight) because I've been hammering on the pump track every night after work, including several stints under halogen work light, and it caught up with me and I guess my body just put its foot down and shut me off.  Then I went back to sleep for two more hours.  Then I went to the The Chalet and got a plate of pancakes because I needed quick and easy dirt-moving fuel.  That place is so rad about getting you in and out.  So I was rested and fueled and ready to rock, but I got slowed down again when I hit something with my shovel and had to go into archaelogical dig mode.

It had been planted totally vertical.  No way this was not intentional.  Possibly a time capsule!

A bottle within a can.  Maybe a message in the bottle?!?

No message in the bottle.  All I could get off the label was that it was imported.  Maybe they just wanted us to know that they played tennis and drank imported beer, then.  Pretentious bastards.  Fine, we get it.

Jeff and Joe showed up.  Pump track angels sent from heaven.

After a ton of work, a rainstorm eventually rolled through, which was the perfect excuse to move into the garage and cook up some pizza burgers, which are the official food of my pump track (TM), whether people like them or not.

Jeff adopted this berm and lovingly shaped it to perfection and from here on it shall be known as Jeff's Talladega Berm.

Near the end of the day I got out my bigass ladder and took a shot of some of the rocks we'd dug up.  I know how impressed you must be this moment. 

This is the big deal pic - starting to look a bit like a pump track, don't you think???


Premature blowout - these gloves are just a few days old.  Now I guess you can see the kind of toll pump track building takes on hardened men. 

After the dust settled and the sun went down, we headed down to Huck's to see my nephew play.  The dude is unbelievable.

Back at home later, I finally rode a few laps on the track, in the dark.  It certainly has a way to go, but I can feel that it's gonna be a fine track.

Picture of the day.  Extraction complete.  Dude shoulda been a dentist.
 To be serious for a second, I just have to say thanks, bigtime, to Jeff and Joe for making this day a major success.  At this late hour, I'm feeling the satisfaction of a crazy dream maybe actually becoming a reality. Which is made possible only through the help of good friends.  I hope that in return I can at some point reward them with some fast and fun laps.


FBC Spokane said...

Glad I could help, Pat. It really is starting to look like a track. Thanks for the delicious Pat's Pump Track Pizza Patties®.

Pat S said...

Thanks again, Jeff. You put some serious hurt on those burgers!

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