Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Shewz For The Crewz (er)

The 24" cruiser that Glen dropped off last night is showing the potential to be a kick-ass pump bike. At least on this track. But the tires are glaringly wrong. I could order some just-right tires online easy enough, but I like to keep my bike money local whenever possible and I hoped I could find what I needed at one of our fine LBS's. OTOH, I don't have time to run all over town. I'd give it one shot, though. And if there's one shop in town that should have a 24" cruiser fast-roller, it would be Spoke 'N Sport, I would think.

And they did, but it was a 24 x 2.3. The tires on the bike now are 24 x 2.1 and there's hardly any clearance. Shit. Oh well, what the hell. No guts, no glory.  I presented my plastic and brought 'em home.

These can't come off too soon.

This tread pattern must be for like hitting the sand dunes or something.  The lack of clearance is what is making me nervous, though, as I prepare to mount a bigger tire.


Even though the new tire is bigger, I'm counting on the difference in profile to buy me a little room at the chainstays.

Just by the hair of my chinny . . .

. . . chin, chin.

No sweat. I was never even really worried. Properly shod tonight, ready to rip it tomorrow.


Andre said...

I love my Kenda K-Rad tires. The 1x1 wears them most of the time.

Jordy said...
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Jonathan Eberly said...

I love the last pic. It looks like you couldn't even slip a business card in there.

glen c. said...

Needs a smaller front chainring, to

Pat S said...

Andre, I think they look like the ticket. But I rode them this morning (and again tonight), and unfortunately, I'm getting some rubbage in the back. It's fixable, tho, I'm thinkin'.

Jonathan, you couldn't even.

Glen, true dat.

Anonymous said...

You might fix the rubbage by shaving off those unsightly bumps on the surface of the tire.

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