Monday, October 1, 2012

1.) Danny MacAskill; & 2.) The Wheelie King

I was turned on to Danny MacAskill's latest video by Vik over at the Lazy Rando Blog. I guess what sets this video apart from some of his others, for me, is getting the chance to hear him talk a bit about what he does. Jeez, the dude seems so understated and down to earth.  He rides with such confidence and makes it look so easy and I guess to hear him say that " think you're gonna sorta come off at any second..." is just fascinating to me.


And then there's another fascinating dude that blipped across my radar this morning. It was a piece in the paper and of course it jumped out because it had the word "bike" in it, but the radness of the story wasn't immediately apparent to me.  Seems though, that I couldn't get the thought out of my head all day, and the ruminations have kind of whipped my imagination into a frenzy about how fast this guy must have been going and what the the whole scene must have felt and looked like, from a spectator's point of view.

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Read the story here.

I guess what really put things in perspective was that I was out on my fatbike tonight, and I was goofing around with the simple act of just pulling a wheelie and I am so lame.  In my imagination it's all so easy, but damn, actually making it happen is a bitch. And they make the exponentially harder stuff look routine. Amazing. Hat's off, gentlemen.


glen said...

Are those prosthetic lips?

Pat S said...

Don't bang on my boy. Aren't you supposed to be building bikes?

Okay, maybe.

Soh Suu Mee said...

Prosthetic lawyer's lips.

Korey Pelton said...

Hehe, I can identify with you. I've been watching a lot of "how to do a wheelie" vids online among other bike handling vids. Every now and then I go out to the park on my mountain bike and try some wheelies and stuff. I haven't got it yet. :-(

Bicycle Parts Solutions said...

You got that right! His confidence is just awesome! Extra thanks for including the video!