Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not Because I Wanted To

I was compelled to return to the Palace Of Animal Death. Only because they have great affordable bike bags, albeit disguised as fishing tackle bags. After deliberating for several weeks, I finally pulled the trigger (pardon my language) on a sweet, waterproof-looking bag that seemed like it would be right at home on the front of the fatbike.

It would mount here, on those eyelets in the black tubing that never seemed to make sense.

 This is how it would mount.

And this is how it would look from the front.

Only thing is, I feel that I've done enough advertising for this particular corporation and besides, I'm sick of looking at their logo. I rifled (sorry again) through my sticker stash drawer (which smells exactly like band-aids, by the way) and came up with a fix:

If your organization ever doubted the return on investment of decals, wonder no more.

A strip of reflective tape across the bottom, and the job is finished.

The bag came loaded with these plastic organizers. For storing things like leaders and lures and bobbers, I suppose. Looks, though, like they would also be perfect for organizing your M5 and M6 bolts and washers and nuts and such. Holler at me if you want one.


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