Sunday, April 1, 2012


By about Tuesday when I wake up and it's pouring rain, I'll deeply regret this decision, but I'm all in on a challenge called 30daysofbiking. I even registered. I'm not usually that into this kind of thing, but in this case I guess I am. It makes too much sense for me not to be. For all these reasons and more . . .
  • I need miles if I have any hope of making the cross state tour happen.  And I'm out of time for procrastinating.
  • I need to drop some weight if I have any hope of making the cross state tour happen.  And I'm out of time for procrastinating.
  • I need lots of practice with my new cameras and this will get me lots.
  • I like that it's not centered on some mileage goal - it's simply about getting out and riding. Every day.  About the last thing I need right now is to try and tackle some unrealistic mileage goal and tie my back up in knots or get injured in some other way.  I think that if I get on the bike every day, the miles will take care of themselves.
The one reservation I had about jumping in is that I've got some business travel coming up later this month that's gonna make it really tough for me to ride all 30 days. So I'm kind of pretty sure it's gonna be a fail in that sense, but so what. I'm doing it anyways. Or maybe there's some creative, crazy way to make it all work, even with the travel. I shall find out.

So with that intro, day one was a short trip to the MTH, to sip on a brew and contemplate what in the hell I had just gotten myself into. You know, the whole thing about easing into this so I don't hurt myself. Shut up. It's real, dude.  As luck would have it, I ran into longtime bike friends David, Casandra and Lonnie, and we had fun catching up and BS'ing over all manner of bikeness.  It was rad.

On the way home, I swung by the bluff trails to make sure they're still there. They are. We'll likely be seeing more of each other soon.

So here we go . . . 30 days of high volume, low quality posts for your surfing pleasure. You can thank me later.


John Speare said...

high volume, low quality? dude, that's my schtick!
Looking forward to it.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Nice! Reminds me of 42 Days

Pat S said...

John, I'm talking a whole new lowness of quality.

Jacque, I had totally forgotten about 42 days - that was awesome! I'm now feeling mildly less original, but not enough to affect my obsession.

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