Monday, April 16, 2012


A dash. For cash. To replenish my stash. That was ravaged by my birthday bash. I was back in a flash. All while avoiding a crash. And the resulting rash.


John E. Cash said...

The best cure for road rash
According to us white trash
Is a poultice made of corn tash
Soaked in fresh sour mash

It abashs slashs and other gashs
Also good for hot flashes
Rub some in your mustaches
Curls wifey's eyelashes

So when your teeth are gneshin'
When bicycles are creshin'
Sour mash yall be spleshin'
And you'll soon be back to flechein'

Pat S said...

Most excellent, Mr. Cash.

Chad said...

I can't battle the rhyme you have going at this time, so don't put your money on me cause all you;ll get back is a squirt of a that I've done gone cold like an icicle I ask you my real question about YOUR bicycle?! what's the set-up on this one?? dying to know

(pump track voodoo man/wrecker)

Hip hop lobotomist said...

Pat's Karate Monkey
Perfect ride for a honky
8 speed hub kinda funky
Dirt drops kinda wonky

Pat S said...

Chad, not bad. And for that I'm glad.

As far as the bicycle, it's a Karate Monkey, per the smooth rhythm of H.h. lobotomist. With Alfine 8-speed rear and dyno front hubs. And Schwalbe Big Apples. It did have On One dirt drops for the longest time, and Titec H-bars before that, but now it has Salsa Bend 2's. It's a righteous city bike and I'm really diggin' it lately, as I work my way out of some back injury problems.

So considering that praise, it's difficult if not impossible for me to deny that it's the perfect ride for this honky.

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