Sunday, April 29, 2012


My cross-state tour is looming super large and the preparation is pretty much what my my free time has to be about now if it has any chance of happening.  Thirtydaysofbiking was an important part of the master plan and has served its purpose well, but I'm extremely ready to be done with all the excessive blabbing and photog stuff (which was all an important part of the master plan, don't get me wrong) so that I can move on to the next phase of more intensive planning (including recon) and throwing down substantially more miles. In honor of this transition, ride #29 was some recon of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, at or about Rosalia.

It was almost a no-go based on the fact that the little window of time I had available kept getting squeezed, but I finally said screw-it-all, and hit the road. Rosalia or bust. My already-short ride time got even shorter just out of the gate when this little bastard flatted me. How rude.

Other than that, the ride was smooth and I learned a lot about what to expect in terms of trail surface and lots of other stuff.

It's late and I'm pretty well gassed, so here are a few pic that I hope will tell their own story.  See you tomorrow for the wrap-up.


Patrick Sullivan said...

Sooweet pics.

Alan said...

How does the fat tire bike handle the mushy, water soaked, grassy stuff?

Anonymous said...

My money is on you to go all the way!

I mean, how could I pass up those sweet odds?

Pat S said...

Patrick, just keeping the scenery warmed up in advance of your return.

Alan, it's kind of right down it's alley - I was able pedal right through. The only drawback is this particular tire which I've selected for dry conditions but which is not good at all in mud. There are some other tires out there that will really hook the bike up in these conditions.

Anon, I know - I'm in the same place. Too bad the bet only pays in monopoly money.

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