Monday, April 23, 2012


I picked up a fancy new lens on Saturday, but was too busy over the weekend to try it out. So I was excited to head down to Riverfront Park with Patty this evening to catch some of the great light. As always, click any pic for big.

Pedaling through the warm evening as the light faded was just wonderful. The weatherman says we're getting wet over the next few days, but there are more like today coming soon and I can't wait.


Tyler said...

What kind of lens did you get?

Pat S said...


I was convinced that I needed a fast prime lens (because I read about them on the internet!), so I went to the camera store (Huppins) and bought this one. I took it out that afternoon to shoot and found that I really didn't like it at all. Not because it's a bad lens but because I don't know what the hell I'm doing yet as far as shooting with a fixed focal length.

While I was there, I asked the sales guy what people who are new into DSLR might get for their first lens upgrade and he showed me this one and said it was the hot ticket right now. I said I couldn't afford it and besides, I wanted the fast prime, 'cause that's what all the cool kids are doing.

Later that afternoon, I took back the prime and somehow afforded the 15-85 at double the price. It makes so totally much more sense for where I'm at right now in my development. I don't know it well yet but from what I can tell so far, it's gonna be a fantastic everday lens.

I would like to play with a 50 mm prime at some point, but I think I'll save some money and go with this one when I'm ready.

Camera shops thrive on impulsive idiots like me. I'm only too happy to be supporting the local economy.

chad said...

pat, what's the trick to convincing your wife that a leisure bike ride down to RFP is going to be just as "leisure" going home back up the southhill?? what route do you take? help! I need the magic potion to kick my wife into motion, so she gets the notion---"It's not that bad".

Pat S said...

Funny you should ask, Chad. She asked about coming along and I said sure. (I think she thought we were cruising the local, level 'hood.) A couple blocks in, she asks where we're going. I say downtown. She gets pretty quiet.

At some point on the way back up the hill, she says that if she'd known where we were going, she wouldn't have come along. I get pretty quiet.

I guess then, the direct answer to your question is trickery and deceit.

And Adams is hands-down the best route up the hill for maintaining marital harmony. Nice rhyming with the "otion" component btw, it was not lost on me.

Anonymous said...

My gf is a stronger rider than I am, so my situation is reversed. You might try using the phrase "just go over" a lot. Like, "let's just go over to Pizzeria X," when South Hill lies between us and X. "Just go over" sounds like nothing. "Just go over" sounds like a walk in the proverbial park.

Also good: "just grab sac and ride," though ymmv.