Sunday, April 22, 2012


I knew at the outset that committing to 30daysofbiking would entail some sacrifices, but I guess I didn't think it would entail major sacrifices.

That's right, Bennidito's. You do what you have to do.

The blow was softened by good company (family) and surprisingly decent service, for a change. And we got served whatever food we wanted on the other side of the wall.  I shit you not.

The Green Monstah is my BIL Judd, btw. Righteous dude.

Me and Patty's bikes are canoodling again. Thanks to whoever supplied that description a few posts back, it's pretty accurate. They really, really like each other.


Anonymous said...

Ooohh, Judd..from Medstar. I recognize him. Wade

Anonymous said...

Ah, hell I miss Chris at Bennedito's. He was nice enough to try and make my girlfriend at the time a spelt flour pizza. I remember hanging out with Chris, Jess Walters, and Jeff Postlewaite from the Rocket up on Garland. Easy to do because I was managing the place.

That is still some of my favorite Pizza which I miss terribly because I am stuck in the land of deep dish in Chicago.

Glad you did your days. Even if you think the shots were just filler, they mean something to a homesick Spokanite.