Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Matt B. said...


Pat, how does the KM handle with that load up front? Do you have any toe overlap with your fender?

I'm contemplating an Ogre and am worried about those two factors.



Patrick Sullivan said...

Dig the pics. Craving more shots of Spokane. Keep em coming.

Christopher Grande said...

I will totally start dropping 'DORKing' in Olympia, WA bike circles. That term is a real gem and I love it. In fact, I am that dipshit most the time I ride...

Pat S said...

Matt, I've never ridden a righteous, low-trail front loader, so I don't have the proper perspective. But I've put some big loads up there already and feel very comfortable with the handling.

Patrick, looking forward to your visit. I'll do my part to keep the spo-candy rolling in the meantime.

Christopher, glad to be in the good company of a fellow DORK.