Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brandy Says,

Dude.   Really???  You stole my rear wheel. And that is a hard fact.  Spin it however you want with your stupid-ass wheeliebike shit, but it's theft.  Oh, sorry, forgot the stupid-ass "TM" and the end of your stupid-ass wheeliebike word concoction that you are so proud of . My bad. Whateva.
Pull yourself together bro, you're operating at about a 4th grade maturity level, if even that.

OMG. My bike is hanging from the ceiling! And I thought I knew you.

That's it. I'm not looking at you again. Ever.


Ward said...

Dog abuse!

Wileydog said...

oh man one thing I know is you don't want to get your dog upset with you. They have ways of getting back at ya.

Unknown said...

Poor pooch!