Wednesday, December 26, 2012

on the sixth day of bikeness

Pat S got out of bed a little irritated, that 6 into 12 meant that it was already half over. Big-ass baby that he is.

The irritation quickly passed though, as he realized that his day was a blank canvas. He sipped on some of the finest coffee that had ever passed through his drip machine, a gift from his daughter. Which made it taste even better. His buddy John emailed to ask if he wanted to take a ride across town and have lunch at DeLeon's.  His wife wanted to know if later in the afternoon, he'd be up for trying out the new snowshoes that they had asked Santa to pick up for them at Mountain Gear. And which Santa had righteously delivered. And if maybe they could have dinner out, afterwards. And rent a movie and build a fire, after the afterwards.

Iller Creek Conservation Area.  23 minutes from our house, by car, and I am not kidding.

Looks like there could be moose in the area.

Guess there actually are, then.

Tower Mountain, Take 1

Tower Mountain, Take 2

The "Reindeer Burger" at The Elk. And I am not kidding. Well, caribou, actually. Quite good.

In the end, the day that began with a dose of self pity ended with mass appreciation and the realization that days as great as this are very rare indeed and that a gaze towards the sky, with a whisper of 'thank you', is in order. Done and done.


Stine said...

Living the dream.

fatbob29r said...

No fire is complete w/out the aid of a good plumbers torch... bravo, good sir, well played!

Pat S said...

Stine, yeah. For just a moment.

fatbob29r, good eye. The right tool for the right job, I guess.