Sunday, December 9, 2012

WheelieFab™, Part 2

But first, a word from our sponsors . . .

. . . Glen took John and I out on an exploratory ride this morning. It was quite cold and I don't have the foggiest idea where we were at for most of the ride, but there is this one clue:

The mysteriousness of blogger once again turned this photo sideways, but I suppose that just serves to enhances the mystery of the ride. And trust me when I tell you it was a mystery. To me, at least.  Dig Glen's green tires, though.
Not that far from the that last sideways milestone was this awesome vision of something that  was  undoubtedly built for motorized contraptions but which just set my pump track radar on full alert. I wasn't able to capture it well, but the flowiness was a thing of beauty, if you had been there. And in exactly the right mood.  Nevermind then, I guess.

And then there was this evening's beauty of the new-fallen snow on our newly-laid pavers. Frickin' poetic.
Jeez, you hardasses. Fine. Back to our regularly scheduled, dorkshit programming then . . .

The fixturing was pretty intense, but the WheelieMachine™ is one pretty big step closer to being wheelie-worthy.

I needed a straight wheel in order to properly line things up, and so I had to borrow the wheel from the dogbike.
Meaning that it was unavailable for a run tonight. Brandy was understandably appalled. 

Tacked.  Set in stone.  Done deal.  You get the idea.

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