Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On The Subject Of Wheelie'ing

My friend David up at North Division Bikes forwarded me this retro-awesomeness, which I am hereby forwarding on to you. It's only 1:09 long and it's not gonna take up your whole day, so just watch it already . . .

Even Dad gets in on the action! Which would be me, actually. Which is why I choose not to think about that (slightly creepy) part as much as the rest, with all the youthful invigoration and all, which is obviously where I fit in.

Just to be clear, and because some people have given me that quizical look in person, I do not intend to ride around on my wheeliebar wheels, pretending that I am actually wheelie'ing. To be clear.

I guess on one hand I can kinda maybe understand you wondering this. And then on the other, I'm sorta disturbed that there are those of you are out there envisioning this to be my goal. Like if I died in my sleep tonight, this might be the one big thing that you remember about me and might, heaven forbid, use to memorialize me at my funeral, during the "if anyone would like to speak" portion of the service, when much to everyone's surprise, that one wildcard (you) steps up to the microphone.

You know that saying about how "if I have to explain it to you, you will never understand?" Well, this may well be one of those times, and I just want you to know that I accept full responsibility for my share of this communication breakdown, however small it may be. At the same time, I have decided to place most of you squarely in the "visual learner" camp, but I do not mean that in a bad way, and I do mean that.

The plan, and I do have one, is to fully internet-expose, over the course of my holiday break, in the most visual way possible (given your limitations learning style), my efforts toward achieving my goal of being wheelie-sufficient. Only time will tell whether I end up the goat or the hero.

All kidding aside, thanks David, for the rad video and to the rest of you for helping indulge my fantastical one-wheeled fantasies. Odds are that it will not end well, but there's always that chance . . .


Danny Partridge said...

I laughed at that vid. The Brady Bunch meets Easy Rider.

Promise you'll also take some clothing style cues from the video for your premier ride.

A blonde surfer wig maybe? They sell them at Elephant Bicycles.

Andy D. said...

All this reminds me of the homemade chopper bike I had as a kid. It had an extended fork, monkey hangers and a banana seat with a sissy bar. All I had to do was to lean back on the sissy bar and I could wheelie for blocks. It's easily the childhood bike that I miss the most.

Continued luck with your project.

Michael said...

Thought you might be interested to know that someone's going to be fat biking to the south pole.


bikewrider said...

Looks like a great recipe for a whole lot of bad judgement.

I approve.

Pat S said...

Danny, I promise.

Andy, yup, that's exactly my goal - wheeling for blocks. Or one, even.

Michael, yeah, I've heard a little about this guy, but haven't really delved into his deal yet. Thanks for the link.

bikewrider, agreed.