Friday, December 28, 2012

on the eighth day of bikeness

Pat S is wondering why he ever committed to a 12-day series, because that means he has to write something every freaking day, for 12 consecutive days. What was he thinking, he wonders.  And more importantly, how to get through day 8, at this late hour, since he previously committed.

It was a very busy bike day and while there is a story that was planned to be told, it never will be, because, well, there just isn't time. Time marches on, and tomorrow is another day. What he can offer you, is the following photo dump.  The trip up to 4th of July Pass was pretty fat-bike disappointing, but please feel free to interpret it as awesome, and in fact project hero-worship qualities on him. If you want.


Anonymous said...

Are all the trails for groomed snowmobiles? I've thought about doing some snowshoeing out there but if the majority of trails are for snowmobilers it may not be worth the drive.

Pat S said...

Anon, the first three pics are of the main, groomed sno-mo trail. It's a major entry into the trail network and you wouldn't want to snowshoe there, it is busy and you'd be unwelcome and it would just be gross.

I did quite a bit of exploring and the fourth pic is an out-of the way sno-mo trail that is hardly used and it would be a fine place to snowshoe.

The seventh pic is the only trail that was fatbike rideable, but only for a short distance, after which it got to deep and soft. But would be an awesome snowshoe trail. It's not a sno-mo trail and has a gate a few hundred feet up the trail. We're actually going back out today to snowshoe it.

The second to last pic is of the nordic ski trail entry. Snowshoes and dogs are not allowed on the ski trails, but there are separate trails designated for snowshoes and dogs, and that little trail that veers off to the right is one of them.

So yes, there are many snowshoeing options there.

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

The moose photo is vaguely Bev Doolittleish.

What's next a Thomas Kinkade homage?

Matt B. said...

I fear the Elephant may become quite forlorn if left out of the 12 days of bikeness... Studs?

I would also settle for some frozen pumptrack action.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, If you guys haven't checked em out, give poles a try for snowshoeing. Burn more calories and you go farther w less fatigue.

Pat S said...

TBCC, I'm going straight to MooseArt™

Matt, the Elephant actually got shod with studs and did the DeLeon's run on the sixth day. Although no pics were snapped. Thanks for watching out for her. The clearing and riding of the pumptrack has long been in the 12-day master plan, but the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Not sure if I'll make it . . . so much bikeness, so little time.

Anon #2, we actually stopped and picked up poles on our way out today. No regrets, we dig 'em.