Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It was good seeing you on the trail the other morning. In passing. Now though, I need to communicate something to you in earnest. About an important, imminent event. And email-wise, you've gone dark.  Everything I know about going dark I learned from Jack Bauer and so I might be a little on the warped side, but I at least think that I totally get why it might be necessary.  I wouldn't ask you to break cover if this weren't extremely important, but it involves the well-being of cats and possibly even the potential destruction of a good marriage of some people you are fond of who are at odds about the proper way to deal with a certain flock of them. And that's all I can divulge right now.  I know this sounds creepy mysterious, but I just need you to trust me on this.

Jack periodically broke silence on account of the right reason.  This is one of those times.
To the rest of you, (aka everyone except Nate) I apologize for what may, at this moment, appear to be a blatantly inappropriate use of any blog, let alone this burned-out and up on blocks '67 chevy impala of a one. I assure you that my second highest priority in life is to get the full story into your hands. And I promise you I will.

Right now and for the next week, though, it's all about the welfare of a certain band of cats of which I have never seen and am not sure of the exact number. (Not being a cat person, what in the name of blogspot would have ever possessed me to have typed that last sentence??? Holy living hell. The one thing I hope for at this moment is that I don't have an incurable case of cat scratch fever.)

Even though he's getting on in years now, he still scares the krap outta me.
But back on point: I can't compromise the mission by making it public right now.  In due time.  As a consolation prize for the time you have wasted here, please enjoy this pollyannish video which may or may not change your mind about the wonderfulness of these inherently rude and self absorbed creatures.

Back to you though, Nate. I'm serious about how the team needs you all in on this important project.

It's a secure line.


Velo Celt said...

I don't know what to make of the cryptic content of this post but that cat video is pure win!

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